Happy Hearts Day, SOS Friends!


Children express their love in many different ways! This Valentine's Day, our children wrote letters for the special people who touched their lives. Scroll down to read the letters and find out if one is for you!

In this letter, Haidie expressed how thankful she is for having Uncle Eds as her father in SOS Children’s Village Bataan. Uncle Eds is the director and father figure of the children in the village.

(Dear Daddy Eds,

Salamat po kasi kahit wala ang totoo naming tatay, kayo po ang tumatayong tatay namin sa SOS. Alam mo po ba Daddy na mahal namin kayo. Daddy, susundin po namin ang utos nyo na ma-aral ng mabuti kasi po love namin kayo.

Alam mo rin ba na dati ay nalulungkot ako kasi hindi ako nakapag-aral ng mabuti. Nag-dasal po ako kay Papa God na sana makatapos ako. Dumating lang po ako sa SOS at tuloy-tuloy pa po ang pangarap ko. Mahal na mahal namin si Daddy Eds.

Si Daddy ito: drawing of Daddy Eds saying "mahal ko silang lahat" - From Haidie)

Every morning, Gracia visits the village office to greet everyone a pleasant morning. This Valentine’s Day, she wrote a special greeting for her favorite person in the office, Uncle Raymond. Uncle Raymond is SOS Children’s Village Manila’s village director.

Short but sweet is Katelyn’s Valentine’s greeting to her Daddy Dhon. The children of our SOS Children’s Village in Lipa greatly missed their Daddy Dhon when they stayed in Manila for three weeks following Taal Volcano’s eruption. As the village director, Uncle Dhon chose to stay in Lipa and look after the village during those three weeks.

Truly, SOS mothers are a gift from heaven to SOS children. In this letter, Joy expressed her gratitude and love for her SOS mother.

(Hi Mother,

I just want to greet you Happy Valentine's Day! You're such a wonderful woman that God has given us. Thank you for taking good care of us and loving us with all your heart. Again, Happy Valentine's Day! I love you so much!


Zairel has found a home and family in SOS, and she’s grateful to her SOS mother for making all these possible.

(Hi Nanay,

Una po sa lahat happy happy Valentines Day po! Thank you po sa lahat ng pagtitiis at pagtitiyaga nyo po sa amin. Salamat din po sa pagtuturo ng tama sa amin. Thank you po dahil mas  pinili nyo po kaming alagaan. Di po kayo nagdalawang-isip na kami po ay iyong alagaan. Tinuring nyo na po kami na parang mga tunay na anak ninyo.

Lagi nyo po kaming pinagluluto ng masarap na almusal tuwing umaga. Lagi nyo po kaming pinapaalalahanan sa mga bagay-bagay na di po namin alam.

We love you Nanay! Happy Happy Valentine's Day po!


Katelyn wrote another letter, and this time it’s for her Mama Irma. Katelyn is thankful for Mama’s patience and love, even when she and her SOS siblings can be mischevious sometimes.

(Happy Valentine's Day Mama Irma!

Salamat po sa lahat ng pagsasakripisyo sa amin ni ni Zernan. Sorry po dahil pasaway kami ni Zernan. Sana mapatawad nyo kami ni Zernan sa mga ginawa naming kalokohan namin. I love you po Mama Irma.

Nagmamahal: Katelyn)

Michelle wrote a letter to the donors and sponsors who continuously share their blessings to children like her.

(Hello to my sponsors,

I just want to greet you a Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for sharing your blessings to me, I really appreciate your kind heart. God bless you and your family! Thank you so much for everything, it means a lot to me. Happy Valentine's Day!


Johana wished our SOS friends good health this Valentine’s Day.

(Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you will have good health and thank you for sharing your blessings. Thank you for helping here in SOS and I hope you will always be happy. God bless you always. Once again, Happy Valentine's Day to you. I hope you're in good health.

From: Johana)

Your support is the reason why every day is a happy day for our children. Thank you for filling our children’s hearts with joy and hope, SOS friends!

If we wrote all the positive ways your help has changed our children's lives, even the longest sheet of paper wouldn't be enough. Para sa lahat-lahat, salamat SOS friends!

A letter from the Family of Understanding. Mama Malou and the children wrote short messages to their house sponsor, Pfizer Foundation.

(Joana: Hi Donors! Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you're all happy today! Thank you for always supporting us through good and bad times. We hope that in this simple letter, we could make you happy. We love you and we will always do! Please take care always. Thank you for everything. We appreciate all the things you gave to us and we treasure your time for us.

Clang: Happy Valentine's Day! Salamat po, mahal ko kayo!

Diana: Happy Valentine's Day po sa inyong lahat. Wag po sana kayong magsawang suportahan kaming lahat. Thank you po!

Niel: Thank you po! Sana po matagal pa kayong sponsor.

Jhone: Happy Valentine's Day po! Thank you po for supporting us. Thank you po for spending your time just to be with us. We will cherish all your advice. God bless all of you. See you soon. Love you!

Celyn: Hi po! Happy Valentine's Day po sa inyo! Hope na may magandang day po kayo!

Topher: Happy Happy Valentine's Day po sa inyo. Sana po lagi po kayong masaya. Sana rin po wag kayong magsawang sumuporta sa amin.

Mama Malou: Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that today will be a happy day to all of you. Thank you for choosing Family House 1 as your beneficiary. God bless you! More blessings to your company!)

Thank you for letting our children experience the feeling of love and security. Happy Valentine's Day, SOS friends!