Success Through Diligence: How A Former SOS Child Became A Doctor


Erwin was only one year old when his mother passed away due to an illness. His father lost confidence in raising him and his sister alone and brought the siblings to the SOS Children’s Village in Lipa. There, Erwin and his sister were lovingly raised by Nanay Luzviminda.

Diligent in his studies, Erwin recalls spending his childhood at home burying his nose in books while other children his age chose to play outside. He had no specific career in mind yet then, but he remembers being engrossed in science books and encyclopedias.

Although Erwin has his own family in SOS, there were times when he still felt like he was different from “normal children” who grew up in “normal families”. Erwin couldn’t help but feel like an outsider at school when the topic of family was brought up. The feeling of being an abandoned child still lingered.

This didn’t go unnoticed by his SOS family. During Erwin’s lowest times, Nanay Luzviminda and other SOS mothers and aunts would comfort him and reassure him. Thanks to them, Erwin had grown to appreciate the uniqueness of his life story.


Erwin, with his wife and children, visited the mothers of SOS Lipa last January 20

Their support encouraged Erwin to give his best in his studies. After graduating in college with a degree in Biology, Erwin pursued higher education and applied for medical school. Erwin now works as a doctor in Cavite. He’s currently sharing a small clinic with his friend and fellow general physician.


Left: Erwin receiving a medal during his graduation rites in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute; Right: Erwin posing with his friends after the graduation rites in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute

Erwin’s life continues to be unique. On top of being a doctor, he is now a third-year law school student.

All of these could not have been possible without the help of our donors who continue to support our cause. Because of your help, children like Erwin can reach their full potential.

We hope to send more children in need to school. These children deserve to have access to quality education and a family who will guide and nurture them. Through committing a small portion of your blessings to these children, you’re making a world of difference in their lives.