Reaching Out To Children In Need: SOS Youth Leaders Conduct An Outreach


(The youth leaders of SOS Children’s Village Manila together with the children of Sitio Old Boso-Boso)

Last December 22, the youth leaders of SOS Children’s Villages Manila went to Antipolo to bring gifts and share inspiring stories to the children of Sitio Old Boso-Boso, Barangay Calawis. This outreach program was funded and organized by the youth leaders of SOS Manila and was supervised by Auntie Ria Baricuatro, the village’s Head Social Worker.  

No Child Left Behind  

Inspired by one of SOS Children’s Villages’ motto that no child must be left behind, the youths of SOS Children’s Village in Manila thought of a way to help other children in need. Anna*, their youth organization president, shared that this is the second year they’ve been conducting outreach programs. 


(A child from Sitio Old Boso-Boso excitedly checking the contents of the bag.)

“Although it’s not much, we’re glad that we can help other children. Seeing their eyes glimmer with happiness warms our hearts.”, Anna added. 

Through pooling the money earned from their village sari-sari store, they were able to gather enough funds to buy food and gifts for the children of their chosen community: Sitio Old Boso-Boso. 

Sitio Old Boso-Boso consists of families whose main livelihood is farming. The abundance of fruits and vegetables in the community prevents families from going hungry. However, the real challenge these families face comes in providing the children’s educational needs. The lack of school supplies such as bags, pencils, and notebooks prevents the children from maximizing the benefits of schooling. 

To help relieve this predicament and encourage children to continue pursuing their education, SOS youths distributed bags filled with school supplies, hygiene products, and snacks. Toys and books were also given as prizes to children who actively participated in the games and discussions. 

Empowering Our Youth 

The outreach program not only helped the children of Sitio Old Boso-Boso, but it also provided an avenue for our youths to put their skills into practice.


(Tanya* and the competitive children of Sitio Old Boso-Boso strategizing for the next game.)

Their entrepreneurial skills were tested as they were fundraising for the outreach program. And between studying for exams and preparing for the activity, it was only through their teamwork and time-management skills that made juggling responsibilities possible.

During the post-event evaluation, Auntie Ria congratulated the youths of SOS Children's Village Manila for successfully facilitating the outreach program. She's assured that the youth learned something from the activity which they can carry with them in their lives.

“Just like how thankful the children were for your gifts, I hope that you never forget to appreciate the people who tirelessly support and care for you.”, shared Auntie Ria.

Working Towards One Goal

The youths expressed their hope for the annual outreach program to continue in the coming years. James*, one of the youth leaders, proposed for the project to be a permanent part of the youth organization’s program. This is to pass on the value of sharing to the next generations of SOS youths.


(The youth leaders of SOS Children’s Village together with Uncle Nilbres, Mama Baby, Uncle Donnie, Auntie Ria and Uncle Lando.)

Auntie Ria shared the same sentiment. And though this generation of SOS youth boys and girls will eventually have to leave the program, she hopes that everyone will continue to work towards one goal: to help other children.

*Names of the children have been changed to protect their privacy