#InternationalLiteracyDay: SOS Village Educator Talks About The Importance Of Education


While our literacy rate in the Philippines has been increasing for the past decades, there are still young Filipinos who are being left behind. About 3.6 million children and youth remain out of school and most of them come from underprivileged families (PSA, 2018).

Last International Literacy Day, our Village Educator in SOS Children’s Village Manila, Auntie Leah, shared her thoughts on education and literacy and how she assists SOS children in their studies. 

As a Village Educator, it is Leah’s job to make sure that all SOS children are getting the educational assistance they need. “Education is very important to a child’s future. Likened to a seed that you sow and reap, it is their investment to potentially become successful doctors, teachers, artists or workers in their chosen fields,” said Leah. But Leah’s job does not stop there. Outside the children’s formal education, she arranges tutorial sessions and career talks. She also curates the village library and computer laboratory.

To assess the needs of the children regarding literacy, Leah together with the social workers conducts interviews and observations. They check if a child’s capabilities are aligned with his or her grade level. A child’s reading, writing, arithmetic, attention, memory, and cognitive abilities are just some of the aspects they consider.

“These steps and activities are all crucial to develop a child’s learning, but more importantly, I believe that children must have the willingness and the heart for learning,” said Leah when asked about the changes she would like to see to improve children’s literacy. She presses that the children together with the parents must be well-informed about the importance of education. “Parents should encourage their children to study because that’s the best thing you can pass on to your children and to the next generations.”