Kyline Alcantara On Being An 'Ate' For SOS Children


On her 17th birthday, SOS ambassador Kyline Alcantara chose to spend her special day with the children at SOS Children's Village in Manila. Having experienced family break-up earlier in her life, the teen star can relate very well to SOS children who now call Kyline “Ate” or big sister. 

In an interview, Kyline expressed her love for the children and her gratefulness for the love she is receiving from her SOS family.

How do you feel now that you're part of the SOS family?

“Sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam kasi nakikita ko silang mga bata na nakangiti. ‘Yung mga bata kasi dito sa SOS, very vocal about what they’re feeling. Pinaparamdam nila sa akin na mahal na mahal nila ako. Sana nararamdaman din nila na mahal ko din sila.”

It’s very heartwarming when I see the children smiling. The children here in SOS are all very expressive. They make me feel that I am well-loved and I hope that they also feel the love that I have for them.


How did being an SOS Ambassador change you? 

“Mas inayos ko yung sarili ko kasi na-realize ko na ang dami palang kabataan na humahanga sa akin at tinitignan ako bilang Ate lalo na dito sa SOS. Ako kasi ang bunso sa aming magkakapatid so for the very first time ko naramdaman maging Ate. Ngayon handa na akong maging good role model para sa mga bata.”

I'm becoming a better version of myself because I realized that there are a lot of children and young people who look up to me, especially here in SOS. I’m the youngest in the family so this is my first time to experience becoming a big sister. Now, I am ready to take on the responsibility of being a good role model to children.


What advice can you give to the children?

“One, don’t give up and keep chasing your dreams. Two, love yourself and be confident in your skin.” 

Advices coming from this 17-year old just show that Kyline is well beyond her years. Since day one of becoming a goodwill ambassador, she continues to set a good example for the children to never stop dreaming and keep reaching for their goals. And as always, the children are just happy to see their 'Ate' who serves as their inspiration to succeed in life.