Welcome Home: SOS Bataan Welcomes 10 More Children To The Family

SOS Children’s Village in Bataan recently opened its doors to ten new children. Currently, there are 55 children under the care of twelve SOS mothers. Adding ten children and expecting more to come by the end of the year, the village is certainly growing. SOS mothers, aunts, and staff are already accustomed to welcoming new children in the village as new faces come often. Nevertheless, they still get the same feeling of excitement and joy.

The ten new children come from two different families, in broods of five. Maria*, Marian*, May*, Mark*, and Miko* are welcomed in House of Hannah with Mama Banggi. Jenny*, Julia*, Josephine*, Jasmine*, and JayJay*, on the other hand, will be taken care of Mama Elisa in the House of Susanna. But all of them come from the Missionaries of Charity in Tondo, Manila.

Adjusting to the new village life is presumably easier for the ten children since they have already known each other from the Missionaries of Charity. Having a friend around naturally makes you come out of your shell. 
Jasmine* (left) had already made friends with her new SOS 'ate' (sister)

And besides, these children have already proven themselves to be strong. They have fought battles that are colossal, relative to their size.

Ever since Maria’s and her siblings’ mother died, they were left with their grandmother. Their grandmother would find ways to make the meager wage of their father enough for all five of them. And worse, their father has turned to illegal drugs and alcohol to cope with their loss. Similarly, the father of Jenny and her siblings also had vices and left them. Providing for all their needs was impossible with the bare minimum salary that their mother earns alone. The children suffered from malnutrition and primary complex.

Despite these problems, the children endured it all. Little heroes are indeed within them. They aren’t strangers to hopping from one home to another. If anything, comfort and stability are two unfamiliar things. But now that they’re with Mama Banggi and Mama Elisa, undoubtedly, the children will be well-acquainted with love and care. 

May* and Miko* trying out their new beds

Maria*, Marian*, and May* already showed their dance moves on their first day

Children may come and go in the village – new children are welcomed, and young people graduate from the program – but the children’s village will remain a constant. It will always be a home to children who were orphaned, abandoned, and neglected and a place where they can bring back the family they once lost.

* Names of children are changed to protect their privacy.

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