The Nourishing Power Of An SOS Mother's Love


The rhythm of life in the village comes from the bouncy laughs, immeasurable energy, and endless playing of our children. The vast playground, its green lawn, and the tall trees surrounding it have been silent witnesses of the moments in their happy childhood. These children are the life of our village, and the village would be purposeless without them. This is why their health and well-being are of primary importance. When they are well, we are, too! It makes us more inspired to fulfill our promise of providing quality care for them and every child in the world.

There are countless stories to tell about how a sickly child became outgoing, sporty, and active in his or her years of stay in the village. For us, these stories are our success. In the same way, we could not help but remember how Rara*, Rere*, and Ruru*, the three little boys of Mama Marj, have significantly improved since.

It was on a sunny day three years ago when Rara, Rere, and Ruru came home in SOS Children’s Village in Calbayog. It was one of the happiest days of Mama Marj for she had three additional SOS sons. “The more the merrier!” she quipped. The challenge to provide care and proper nutrition were at a peak. Like a mountain, the road towards it was steep yet possible. So, Mama Marj wholeheartedly took them and cared for them as if they’re her own. 

Rara, Rere, and Ruru were all malnourished. They were skinny and pale. Rara, the eldest, had weak hands and could barely grip a pencil or a glass of water. He needed his elder house siblings’ assistance most of the time. Rere, on the other hand, was susceptible to cough and colds. The second one, Rere, was also malnourished and very much like his older brother. Ruru, the youngest, could hardly even stand on his own. He needed to hold onto chairs and would usually need help from his Mama Marj to move around. 

Reminiscing those days gave painful pinches in our hearts. But seeing the three of them today, going out together every afternoon to play, gives us joy and warmth. The care and nourishment of Mama Marj, their family house, and the whole village contributed a lot to this success. 

Mama Marj, being the super mom she already is, can make any vegetable a nutritious dish that the children can heartily enjoy. And along with their favorite dish – chicken soup, fried eggs, and rice  the three brothers grew healthier every day. Mama would also encourage them to drink milk and take their vitamins every day to make sure that they got all the nutrients they needed And in the village, they got enough exercise by playing basketball, patintero, and other outdoor games with their fellow SOS children. 

Because of Mama Marj’s care, Rara and Rere became fit to finally attend school where they now both excel as young achievers. The youngest, Ruru, can now walk on his own and even run and play along with the children, even with the bigger ones.

Thanks to a mother, a family, and a community, these children are now protected and well taken care of. Giving children the love, care, and respect they deserve is also giving them the opportunity to a good future – something that was once or was almost robbed from them because of unfortunate circumstances. Now, Rara, Rere, and Ruru are empowered to shape their futures. Soon, they will also be part of the generation who will spearhead change, move nations, and shape society!

*Names of the children are changed to protect their privacy.

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