Scott Bader, Pediapharma, And Task Us Sponsors 46 Scholars


Last school year 2018-2019, Scott Bader, Pediapharma, and Task Us sponsored the education of 46 SOS children and beneficiaries. These companies partnered with SOS Children’s Villages Philippines to provide scholarships to children and youth in need of financial assistance. They have supported SOS Philippines in its mission to give children their right to education for years now – Pediapharma for 4 years, Scott Bader for 2 years, and TaskUs for over a year – and their support is now making a huge difference in children’s lives.

This year, 8 young people graduated from their chosen courses in college. Two graduated in SOS Cebu, four from SOS Iloilo, and one each from SOS Lipa and SOS Calbayog.

Rizza from SOS Iloilo who finished Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education is very grateful that she was provided financial support when she most needed it. “It was very challenging not having a father to support our needs, and specially our education. My mother is the only one working for me and my sibling, and her monthly income as a household helper is not sufficient to support my college education. But now, I’m about to reach my dream of becoming a teacher,” she shared.

Just like Rizza, Regine also aspires to become a teacher. She just finished her course, Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biological Science, but she’s already studying again and enrolled in a Nihongo class at TESDA. She adds, “If given a chance, I also want to enroll in a Master's degree as part of my career development plan.”

The graduates have served as an inspiration to other scholars who are yet to finish their studies. Ej, an incoming Grade 9, promises to be more responsible in his studies and to work harder to make everyone proud. “You are one of our inspirations why we continue to study hard and fulfill our dreams despite all the challenges we face,” he said.

The 46 scholars are thankful to all the three companies for encouraging them to dream again and believe that anything is possible. Soon, these scholars will be bagging more jobs and opportunities that will help them achieve in life. With their hard work and perseverance, there’s nothing that these children can’t do.