Soon-to-be SOS Mother Auntie Maribel Cares For 50 More Children


By July this year, Auntie Maribel will be inducted as the new mother of House 3 in SOS children’s village in Manila as Mama Alma sets to retirement. But being a mother is not something new to Auntie Maribel because she herself is already a mother of four! Now that she is an SOS mother-to-be, surely more children will be calling her “Mama”, and that will never be a problem for auntie.

As far as Auntie Maribel can remember, she has always been fond and caring for children. “The little kids in our hometown would go to our house and play. I would let them eat, and would even bathe them after getting exhausted from all their playing,” she recalls. 

Auntie Maribel has been with the SOS family for 3 years now, but 7 years ago she still has a loving family with her husband and their children until her husband’s sudden death. It was a sad day for her and the children. She thought they could never recover when she was left as the only breadwinner, but she believed, “God would never give me this [challenge] if I can’t overcome it.” 

Now, her family grew even bigger. With about 50 children and young people calling her “Mama”, Auntie Maribel is filled with love. “Jasper [an SOS child] even made me a card for their school project. I did not expect that he would write ‘Mama, I love you very much’. My heart instantly melted.” 

The love that she has for her children is what she also feels for her children in SOS. She treats them all the same as if they’re all her own. “I would never leave my kids. I stayed strong despite their father’s passing; thanks to my mother who also single-handedly raised us when our father left. And knowing the unfortunate past of my children in SOS, I want to be there for them to give them the love and care they once lost before.”