Jona Shares Her Love For Books This World Book Month


Last April is World Book Month, but for Jona, every day is a perfect day to get her nose buried in the books and get lost in her imagination. 

On a typical day, you would see Jona unbothered while reading novels. “I could even finish a 300-page book in two hours,” she exclaimed. Jona would read just about any book – from romance, fantasy, science fiction to thrillers. But her favorite is mystery books, particularly the Nancy Drew series which is about a teenage girl who solves mysteries.

“I really like Nancy Drew’s character. I look up to her as a role model because, at an early age, she can already solve problems that are seemingly bigger than her,” happily shared Jona.

As early as seven, Jona already experienced being left by her parents. Her father left them for another, and later on, her mother also had another partner. Since no one was there to take care of Jona and her siblings, they were temporarily put under the ministry nuns’ care. “Luckily, the nuns brought us to SOS [Children’s Village in Manila]. Here we have a new mother, a home, and a village we can call our family,” she recalled.

Despite the challenge Jona was faced with, she was able to cope and carry on for her siblings. “We were the only ones left to support each other that time so I needed to be strong just like how the protagonists in the books I’ve read would have.”

With reading books, Jona has learned lessons along the way. A lot of the books she had read has related to her and helped her face life and its challenges. She remembers relating with the story of the Three Little Pigs to which Jona concluded, “they [the three little pigs] are like me and my two siblings that we can face anything that will come in our way as long as we’re together.”

*Name of the child is changed in compliance with the Privacy Protection Act.