Looking Forward To The New Year, 2019


The start of the year marks a new beginning and a renewed hope for most of us. We sometimes even spend our time reflecting back on the past year and write our new year’s resolution in the hopes of changing for the better.

We asked SOS youths Mike and Rona and SOS mother Adelle what their 2018 highlights were and what they are looking forward to in 2019. 

For both Mike and Rona, last year has been challenging. Mike found it hard to juggle his studies and his varsity practice, while Rona experienced bullying in school.

Mike’s time and energy got compromised as he became part of both the basketball and volleyball varsity team.  After school he immediately goes to practice, leaving him too tired to study in the evening. 

This year Mike wants to do better and promises to study harder because he doesn’t want to be a letdown to his scholarship guarantor and to his SOS family. Even so, his passion for sports will still be in his plans because he wants to be a Physical Education teacher once he finishes school. “I want to excel both in sports and academics to make mama proud,” said the determined young man.

On the other hand, Rona promises to be more confident. In the past years, she felt that her self-esteem went down as she couldn’t help but be affected every time she would hear detracting comments about herself. From now on, she will be true to herself by expressing herself more freely on social media. “I won’t let negativities control my life. I have my SOS family and my friends who always support me. I will start listening to them more because I know that they only want what’s best for me,” she said.

Conversely, 2018 was Mama Adelle’s year of blessings as she welcomed two girls to become part of her happy family. This year, she expects twins who will add more joy to her growing family. “At times it can be overwhelming just to think about having four new kids in the family. But for me every child is a blessing, so I don’t really mind if I would have to take care of four more.”  

2018, whether a good or a bad year for some, definitely pushed everyone to become better and stronger versions of themselves. They learned from the past and then planned and hoped for the future.