A Beary Midas Christmas Project Supports 896 SOS Children


Midas Hotel chose SOS Children’s Villages Philippines to be its beneficiary in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project for this year’s Christmas season. “A Beary Midas Christmas”, the theme of their annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, launched last November 17, 2018. 

SOS Children’s Villages Philippines gets 100 pesos for every room booked under the promo, It’s a Beary Midas Christmas. This will help raise funds for the benefit of 896 orphaned, abandoned and neglected children in SOS’ care.

Aside from this, an SOS Bahay Donation Box is placed at the reception area for the guests to put their donation.

“MIDAS was the one who knocked at our door to say that they would like to help. Thank you for choosing SOS to give a new life, a new chance, and a new hope for our children,” said SOS National Director, Gemma Goliat. 

True to their theme, Midas Hotel believes that Christmas is for children. The hotel premises is decorated with bears and sugar treats, all that would make a child smile. The hotel lobby is adorned with rustic-themed Christmas decors and a Christmas tree called the “Beary Midas Christmas Tree” embellished with teddy bears of different shapes and sizes to remind the guests of their happy childhood. 

“We at Midas believe that no child should grow up alone and that every one of us has a potential to be great so we can be able to help others as well… Together we can help a lot of children fulfill their dreams for a brighter future,” said Midas Hotel General Manager, Lily Adrid.