Volunteer From Home: Mentoring The Youth Even From A Distance


Employment can be difficult for young people in a labor market that constantly changes and becomes more complex. Around 64 million young people worldwide face these hardships in finding a decent job. Disruption in studies and difficulties in finding work also affect their mental health. 17% of young people aged 18-29 expressed experiencing depression due to disruption in their education.

Here in the Philippines, around 1.7 million young Filipinos are without work last 2020, and unemployment rate was at 22.4%. One out of five Filipino youth aged 15-24 are Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET). 

The pandemic and the economic hardship that it brought make these challenges even harder for our youth to face. Young people who grew up without parental care are even more disadvantaged in starting their careers because they lack the support that their family can give. Without the proper guidance and connections, finding decent work will be harder for young people.

YouthCan! was launched in 2017 to address these challenges in youth employability. It’s a global partnership that supports young people who have lost or are at risk of losing parental care in their transition from school to work. We support and provide guidance to the youth on their way to stable and decent work by connecting them to a global network of professional mentors and volunteers. Once YouthCan! is launched here in the Philippines this 2021, many disadvantaged young Filipinos will have a chance at getting the support they need to find decent work and live an independent life.


SOS youth eager to learn more through information, skills, and networks that can be found online

Through worldwide collaborative learning, young people can reach to mentors and get the resources they need. The global initiative YouthLinks was launched to make this happen. We use technology to connect them to a virtual community of mentors, SOS staff, and their peers where they can study the courses they choose and need, and improve their soft, technical, and employability skills together. Thanks to online platforms, they can share content and experiences that will help them prepare for their career.  

We work with partners from the private sector to support to youth in preparing them for work while also contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. Employees from our partnered groups and companies and SOS staff are connected to participants as volunteer-mentors. These volunteer-mentors share their time and experience to youth through workshops and courses to help young people prepare for the job market.

By partnering with us, you too can make a difference and help disadvantaged youth build their careers. Through YouthCan!, we can bridge the gap between education and employment for disadvantaged Filipino youth.

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