My SOS Journey: We Found Healing Through Helping Children


Hi, I am Richelle! My husband and I have been supporting SOS Children's Villages Philippines since 2020.

I learned about SOS Children’s Village during our darkest moments. Last year, my husband and I lost our precious firstborn twins after waiting for them for ten years. We were shattered and broken into pieces. The pain seemed unbearable and unthinkable. Hence, one way to endure the pain is to find ways on how are we going to use our sore trial to assist others. We love and miss our dearest babies so much, and we won’t cease loving them even they have been taken away too us so soon. 

Therefore, we want to do something worthwhile in memory of them. For that reason, it motivated us to look for an NGO that has a mission where the welfare of these vulnerable children is their utmost concern. Having said that, we are grateful for how the Lord led us to know about SOS that we may fulfill and serve our purpose. 

Children are close to our hearts, most especially to those who have special needs and concerns. Thus, SOS gained an appeal to our hearts because of their mission and their integrity and passion to accomplish it. They are the world’s largest NGO that has been in operation for decades and tirelessly devoting their time & resources for the welfare of the orphaned, abandoned & neglected children. In addition, we love how they treat, connect and build relationships with their donors. They were also accommodating and responsive to our queries that encouraged us to continue what we are doing. 

Our message for the SOS children is that you all have a bright future ahead. Always remember that you are special children of God, and you are surrounded by the people who will love and nurture you. You deserve the best in life! Hence, trust God and believe in good things to come. 

For the SOS mother, thank you so much for all that you do for the SOS children. Being a mother was such a noble calling prized above all others on the face of the earth. Someday, as you look back, you will realize and feel grateful for the impact of your sacrifices and love shared with these wonderful children of God. God bless your big heart and continue to let your light shine and be shared with these precious children. 

And for those who want to share their blessings and find greater purpose in their lives, helping and supporting vulnerable children to achieve their dreams and provide for all their needs is one of the amazing ways to do so. Then, for those like us who experienced the loss of their precious children, this is also a valuable way to fill the gap in the hole left in your hearts because of the loss. Furthermore, it is a meaningful way to immortalize the memories of your loved ones. 

You don’t need to have a lot of money or wait to become wealthy in order to have an opportunity to care and share. Your monthly pledge by starting to save a small amount of money worth 20 to 25 a day can already lead to a life-changing opportunity for these orphaned and neglected children. Every donation counts! Lastly, if you want to celebrate a milestone or a significant event in your life like your birthday, anniversaries, or your child’s birthday, why not try to celebrate it with a cause by letting SOS children’s village be a part of it? I assure you, if you do so, it will be more memorable and will give you lasting happiness! You will never know the ripple effect of that good deed.