My SOS Journey: Finding Joy In Helping Fulfill Children's Dreams


Hi, I am Teri and I have 2 daughters. I’ve been an SOS friend since 2017.

Currently, I am in a work from home setup just like most people. Considering the big shift from meeting people face to face to virtual meetings and since my daughter is also in the same industry that I work in, I enjoy our daily conversations with her talking about business.

Raising my kids was both challenging and rewarding. I believe that what they are today is a result of what they saw with us as their parents. We started our family with a meager income. But because we have big dreams for them, we worked hard to make sure that they get the best education.

In this photo are Auntie Teri, her two daughters, and her husband. 

We also have been very active in our church community and at a young age, we got them immersed with church organizations as well. They continued with being members as they became adults. I believe this made them get anchored with good spiritual values.

I would like to thank SOS especially the SOS mothers for giving us this opportunity to partner with you in fulfilling the dreams of more and more children. This made our life more meaningful.

I also would like to take this opportunity to encourage more donors to support and help the neglected, abandoned, and orphaned children under SOS Children’s Villages. Let us help them dream big and who knows? Some of them might become the next President or even the next Pope!

And this is what I always tell my daughters. When we share our blessings, those whom we share our blessings with becomes happy, but we become happier.