Thirty-Two New Children Become Part Of Our SOS Children’s Village Philippines Family This February


Two new children starting to settle in their new home

February 26, 2021 – Our SOS Children’s Village in Manila and Bataan welcomed new children this week. But instead of going straight to their respective SOS homes, they are currently staying in a separate house in each children’s village to complete their 14-day quarantine.

The new children in our children’s village in Manila looked excited upon seeing the play area. But since they have to isolate themselves, they can’t play with other children yet. Their first day in the village started with a short orientation facilitated by the village social workers led by Uncle Donnie Alolor. Mama Lisa, their temporary house mother, greeted them and welcomed them to their new home.


Social Worker Uncle Adrian welcomes John* as he steps off the vehicle


Mama Lisa and Uncle Donnie conducting the short orientation

After discussing house rules and room assignment, the children were given time to familiarize themselves with the house and the peers they’ll be staying with for the quarantine duration. Some had volunteered to help Mama Lisa with the chores, while others chose to rest in their rooms. The new children are getting along well and have also started making friends with other children in the village.  

Meanwhile, our children’s village in Bataan welcomed fourteen children. Auntie Raven, a village social worker, remarked that all of them were jolly children who liked being around people. They adjusted well to the new environment and fondly played with the aunties who stayed with them in their quarantine home.

Each sibling group will be transferred to their permanent SOS home to meet their other house siblings once the 14-day quarantine is completed. By keeping biological siblings together in one home, we hope that these children feel more secure while adjusting to the new environment. Being able to grow together also ensures that a good relationship between biological siblings is preserved.

This batch of new 32 children is part of the many children we’re expecting to welcome in all of our eight villages across the country this year. Thanks to your support, vulnerable children can have a home and family.