A Year For Self-Growth: New Skills Our SOS Youths Wish To Learn


Learning new skills can be a fun and productive way to reduce quarantine-induced boredom. Be it a skill for a hobby or something that will be helpful in earning money in the future, gaining new knowledge is always beneficial to any individual.

With the start of another year, our youths shared with us the skills they wish to learn or develop this 2021. The youths all have promising goals, and we’re eager to help reach their goals in the best way we can. Here are some of our youths sharing how and why they intend to pursue new skills this year.


Diego* proudly shows his drawing of Deku, the main character from his favorite anime.

Diego loves to watch anime and he hopes to work in the animation industry after he graduates from school. This year, he wants to develop his drawing skills and he’s taking steps to learn more drawing techniques through watching tutorials.


Meanwhile, Jericho*, a Grade 11 student from SOS Children's Village Lipa, aims to improve his oral communication skills. He has started reading books that will help him improve his vocabulary and grammar. Someday, he hopes to share his knowledge with his younger siblings in SOS Children's Village Lipa.


A certified plantita, Irish* has fallen in love with gardening last year. And this 2021, her goal is to step up her plant tending game by learning to grow flowers and vegetables. With the help of her family and friends in the village, she wishes to expand her knowledge in plant care and maintenance.


Denise* actively participates in many activities in the village. She is a volleyball player and can serenade the village while playing the guitar. Most of the skills she possesses were learned at home, and this time she wants to learn how to dance. Fortunately, her peers in SOS Children’s Village Bataan are already good at dancing and are willing to teach Denise.


Trixie* loves to make art. She wants to be a fashion designer or an architect someday. And as she already mastered her drawing skills, this year she wants to learn how to sew. These days, she’s watching tutorials online and asking help from her SOS mother to gain more knowledge in sewing.


Due to distance learning, Lucas* submits most of his schoolwork online. This includes video and photo projects. Because of this, he has taken an interest in learning photography and video editing. Thankfully, the uncles and aunties in the village are willing to teach him techniques and best practices. He hopes to gain a better mastery of the craft and share his knowledge with his peers before the year ends.

The year 2021 has only begun, and there are many more months to explore hobbies and interests. May this year be a time for self-growth and development not just for our youths but also for each of us.