We Start With ‘A’ Today


(Mama Malou tutoring her children. Their family welcomed four new children this year, a group of siblings who formerly stayed in a temporary shelter in Valenzuela.)

At 6 years old, children usually start to attend grade school. But for many children who live in temporary shelters, learning has to wait until they find a new home and family. Every passing day is a reminder that they have to eventually leave the shelter. What kind of life awaits these children who have nowhere to go?

Temporary shelters provide immediate, short-term support. But ultimately, it is in every child’s best interest to belong to a family. Siblings George, Andrew, Rea, and Jacob* stayed in a temporary shelter for months after being rescued from a neglectful home. George, the eldest sibling, has yet to attend school at the age of 11 when they were brought to a temporary shelter for abused and neglected children. And February this year, a few weeks before the lockdown, the siblings found a new family in Mama Malou’s home at SOS Children’s Village Manila. 

(This photo was taken on March 2020. Scars from past wounds were still visible on Jacob’s arms when the siblings first arrived in the village.)

The village co-workers expected to see shy children when they heard that seven new children are going to be a part of the SOS Manila family. But as soon as the siblings and three other children from the same shelter first stepped foot on the village, they freely explored the surrounding. The children greeted everyone with a smile. And soon after they settled in, they ran towards the village playground to play with their new SOS siblings.

This academic year, the siblings have started attending school, all at the same level. Mama Malou is giving extra focus on George. She hopes that George may eventually catch up in a few years’ time through the Alternative Learning System.

“I don’t want my children to feel small nor inadequate. They’re smart children, and I can see their potential. We have no results to show yet because we’re only starting now. We’ll start with ABC today and work until ABCs become sentences, and sentences become published theses”, said Mama Malou, SOS mother of the House of Acceptance in SOS Children’s Village Manila.

George and his siblings were given a fresh start thanks to the support of committed SOS friends who provide financial support for the needs of the children. They are only a few more steps away from reaching their dreams.

(Andrew, Jacob, and Rea showing the module they completed during their second week of school.)

Like George and his siblings, 75 more children across the country have been given a fresh start this year despite the pandemic. True to our promise of providing quality care for children in need, we have and will continue to keep our doors open for vulnerable children especially during this difficult time.

The pandemic has pushed many families into poverty, leaving many children at risk of abandonment and neglect. Your support will help these silent victims of this pandemic, vulnerable children, have a home where they can eat, study, and have a meaningful childhood.