Companies Pediapharma, TaskUs, And Scott Bader Sponsor The Education Of 66 SOS Children


SOS Youth Boys in Calbayog holding their graduation ceremony at home

Children’s education has taken a big hit as the pandemic struck earlier this year. Schools were closed and classes were suspended to protect the children from the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Despite this crisis that has affected thousands of Filipino students, SOS children were fortunate to be reassured with scholarships from companies like Pediapharma, Scott Bader, and TaskUs. 

For the school year 2019 to 2020, a total of 66 scholars were provided funding for their education. One of them is Johna, an SOS youth from SOS Children’s Village in Iloilo, who finished her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education this year. “Our family has been experiencing financial difficulties but this did not hinder me to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. Thanks to the scholarship granted to me, I was able to finish my studies,” she said gratefully. Just like Johna, seven more scholars graduated from college.

Johna is all smiles for her graduation photo

Graduating senior high school were seven students, including Althea from SOS Children’s Village in Cebu. For her, finishing high school also meant growing and becoming independent. Staying in Semi-Independent Living Facility for Girls while going to school which was far from her home taught Althea how to live by herself. “I wake up on time, eat my meals alone and do things independently since I don’t have my nanay beside me to remind me of what to do,” she proudly expressed.


Althea studying at home during this quarantine period

Pediapharma, Scott Bader, and TaskUs have been supporting SOS children’s education since 2015, 2017, and 2018 respectively. From just 10 scholars in 2015, we now have 66 scholars to date. 

From Pediapharma, out of its 50 sponsored students, one scholar is moving up to senior high school and six graduated from senior high school while seven scholars have graduated from college. TaskUs, with 11 scholars in total, has two students moving up from Grade 10 and one scholar who graduated from senior high school. On the other hand, Scott Bader has five scholars and one of them finished his studies this school year. 

“Through scholarships, we hope to be able to help SOS children and youth achieve a brighter future and a better quality of life,” said Michelle Zaldarriaga, Managing Director of Pediapharma Foundation.

Education empowers the youth. It helps them imagine a fulfilling future for themselves and pursue their own dreams. But as the pandemic drags on, our students face a new challenge in adapting to blended and distance modes of learning. Schools are considering alternatives for traditional face-to-face learning to lessen the risk of spreading the virus. And these new approaches will mostly rely on computers and the internet. Our 96 SOS households and 19 youth facilities are still in need of e-learning facilities to meet the needs of students in the “new normal”. Together, let us help these children continue to have quality education amidst the pandemic.

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