SOS Families Reap The Benefits Of Herbalife Nutrition Foundation’s Healthier And Happier SOS Children Project


An SOS child holding a pot containing kangkong seedlings during an urban farming workshop in SOS Children’s Village Lipa on November 22, 2019.

Good nutrition, along with regular exercise, is important in keeping a healthy lifestyle.  As this is essential to the holistic growth and development of children, SOS mothers ensure that every meal served on the table can provide the nutritional needs of the family. However, like most parents, encouraging children to eat vegetables can be very challenging for them.

Mama Jinky knows this struggle too well. She has been an SOS mother in SOS Children’s Village Lipa since 1998; and 22 years and 30 children later, Mama Jinky has watched her children choose meat over vegetables countless times. Thankfully, she saw a great improvement in the children’s eating habits after their family started growing their own vegetables.


Children from SOS Children’s Village Lipa painting garden fences.


 Mama Jinky and her SOS family eating together.

“My children have learned to value whatever food is on the table. The hardships they have experienced from the time when we were just starting to make our own backyard garden and the everyday tasks to take care of the plants. They have now realized how important vegetables are because they have been part of the process. Much more when the first harvest was done the children were so excited.” – Mama Jinky, SOS Children’s Village Lipa

The family is a participant of Herbalife Nutrition Foundation and SOS Children’s Villages Philippines’ ongoing collaboration project named Healthier and Happier SOS Children Project. This project aims to support our goal of providing quality care to children through ensuring that they grow strong and healthy. Through providing food subsidy and providing urban agriculture workshops to our SOS families, Herbalife Nutrition Foundation has helped SOS children understand and appreciate the importance of good nutrition.

Youths from SOS Children’s Village Lipa proudly showing the radish they harvested through the project.

Reaping the benefits of the project, the youths and children recounts how the abstract concepts they learned during last year’s workshops have now taken form. And during these difficult times, the families are grateful that they can harvest fresh produce from their backyard gardens.

“I'm grateful for this project. It sustained our daily meals and we’re able to eat nutritious food. Preparing meals together became a bonding moment with my SOS siblings and my SOS mother”. – Robert*, SOS youth from SOS Children’s Village Tacloban

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation has been SOS Children’s Villages Philippines’ partner in providing quality care for children-in-need since 2011. Their health-focused collaboration projects with SOS have helped SOS children and children who belong to our sponsored communities have access to nutritious meals.