Former SOS Child, Now A Frontliner Against COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic drags on as the number of confirmed cases all over the world is about to reach the 7 million mark and is still counting. In the Philippines, there are 21,895 confirmed cases as of June 7, 2020. With the number of active cases at 16,362 and continuously rising, the future of ending the pandemic soon becomes bleak.

Nevertheless, our frontliners continue to fight our battle against COVID-19. They risk their lives to help everyone champion through this health crisis. And one of them is Michael, an Admissions Aide in a hospital in Makati and a former SOS child. He has been working as a health worker for over 11 years now serving patients needing medical care.

Going to work, Michael rides their company shuttle together with other hospital staff following strict social distancing rules. In the hospital, he receives patient and phone inquiries, accompanies patients to and from various rooms, and maintains medical supplies. All the while wearing goggles, gloves, and a face mask to remain protected on duty.


Michael wearing his daily personal protective equipment (PPE) at work

“Sometimes, I get worried that I might catch the virus. But I believe that I’m part of a greater cause and it is my job to serve the patients. I can’t fail them now when they need me the most.”

In Michael’s job, he gets to witness the passing of people from different walks of life every day as he is also tasked to have birth and death certificates signed by doctors. “I’m reminded to appreciate even the smallest things and be thankful for the life I have,” he said. 


Michael together with his loving wife and three little children

Michael has always been grateful and content. Thanks to all the mothers who have showered him the love and care he needed to grow and be who he is today. During his stay in SOS Children’s Villages, Michael met three loving SOS mothers – Mama Elisa, Aida, and Lorna. “They were all with me during my best memories – enjoying summer festivals and playing with other children in the village,” he recounts. Little Michael once thought he’d never get to enjoy these things as a child forced into work because of their situation. 

At age 10, Michael’s father passed away leaving him, his mother, and six other siblings. To help sustain their family’s needs, he worked in the rice fields and helped her mother sell vegetables in the market. He also had skipped school to save up his allowance and give it to his family instead. 

Fortunately, SOS Children’s Village in Calbayog came to their aid. Michael together with his three younger siblings stayed in their new SOS home and were provided their basic needs, education, health care, and everything they needed to grow into independent individuals. On the other hand, his two older siblings stayed back home to continue helping their mother.

Fast forward to today, Michael is now a frontliner courageously caring for patients amidst the coronavirus threat. Through the support of kind-hearted donors and sponsors, Michael was able to go back to school and pursue his dream of a better life.

“I’m forever thankful to everyone who has made a big difference in my life. Without your help, I don’t know where I would be today. Now, it’s my turn to give back.”


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