Tom Rodriguez Talks Art, Helps Kids Make Mother's Day Cards In Online Workshop


Tom Rodriguez, Filipino actor and model, held an online art workshop for children in partnership with MAPFRE Insurance Philippines and SOS Children’s Villages Philippines last April 27, 2020. 

The “HeART Session” aims to teach the children the basics of drawing and help them unleash their creativity despite the stresses brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The children learned how to draw and make special cards in time for Mother’s Day today!

The online workshop did not just teach children new drawing skills but it was also successful in bringing all the children and youths together amidst the ongoing health crisis. It just proves that challenges – big or small – can’t stop us from coming along together and continue doing what we love such as making art, bonding with friends, and meeting new people.

Kuya Tom shared tips and tricks in drawing and encouraged the children to use what they learned to make cards for Mother’s Day. And the children did not disappoint.

Here are some of cards the children made for their mothers:



The SOS mothers surely appreciated the cards they received from their children today. They may not be related by blood but they are bound by unconditional love and care. Thank you to the SOS mothers who dedicated their lives to caring for abandoned and neglected children. To all the mothers in the world, you deserve a Happy Mother's Day!

Watch the full HeART Session here: